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About The House of Music

The Story of The House of Music


In 2019, we had a vision to start a program that would bring the joys of music into the lives of our underserved youth while also mentoring and teaching skills they can use and apply to their own lives.


Music programs in schools tend to be the first thing to go when districts and schools are trying to maximize their budgets. That is the foundation of where our idea came to be. As we began to develop and talk to different people about our idea, the more we realized that the need for this program was bigger than we imagined.


We found that many schools had students that were formerly homeless. In this fact, we found our purpose. We want our youth to have the opportunity to fall in love with music. Read, write, and play an instrument. It was also in our hearts to gift our youth something that they can take with them. At the end of this program, every student that joins and completes our program will take home the instrument they bonded with.


The hope, mission, and vision of the House of Music is that our program brings joy and stands in the gap for the youth that need it the most. To teach and mentor underprivileged youth throughout San Diego in an effort to build skills such as: work ethic, discipline, teamwork, communication skills, self-esteem, confidence building, and other life skills while also learning and cultivating their love for music.


As we move forward in the vision, The House of Music will always strive to impact our community by impacting the lives of our underserved youth.


We encourage you to contact us, volunteer or donate if you feel strongly about our vision. We can achieve any single goal with the hands of many.




With sincerest gratitude from founders,


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Our Mission

The mission of The House of Music is to teach and mentor underprivileged youth throughout San Diego by providing music lessons and instruments.

Board Members


Catherine Rells

CEO & Board Chair


Beto Perez

Board Member


Chris Springer

President & Board Member


Jose Calderon

Board Member

Staff Members


Iranya Verduzco

Project Manager / Volunteer Coordinator

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