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Board Members


Catherine Rells
CEO & Board Chair


Chris Springer
President & Board Member


Beto Perez
Board Member


Mahura Cano
Board Member


CEO and Board Chair

Catherine’s heart for the community and drive for bringing opportunities to underserved youth, created her personal mission to lead The House of Music as Co-Founder, CEO and Board Chair. Catherine’s drive to bring hope and opportunity to underserved communities of San Diego has led her to overcome numerous barriers despite the pandemic and uncertain times that businesses are facing today. She continues her efforts with board recruitment and fundraising with a focused tenacity to bring musical programming to underprivileged youth with hopes of providing new instruments and life-long skills that will create future opportunities for those who graduate through The House of Music program.

Catherine has over 20 years of management experience and has served in various roles at all levels in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She is committed to serving the underserved communities throughout her birthplace of San Diego. She has a talent for developing relationships and is focused on creating new collaborative arrangements with community partners.


President and Board Member

Chris’ vision was to establish a San Diego based non-profit that would provide music lessons and
instruments to those in underserved communities regardless of their ability to pay. Chris was
determined to share his passion and knowledge of: The American Art Form of Jazz, Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Latin Jazz, Cuban, Cumbia, Boogaloo, and various other genres of music.

The House of Music was Founded by Radio Host Chris Springer from the award winning KSDS Jazz 88.3 FM and Music Producer of The South Bay Latin Music Festival the House of Music is a San Diego based non-profit established in August 2019. Chris has been a Radio Host and in the music industry for over 20 years. 


Board Member

Beto Perez was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in the South San Diego. His passion for rock music started at a young age with his older sister blasting heavy metal and punk rock throughout the house. Over time, his love for rock evolved
into a full-blown passion for music leading to a career in radio. He brings over 16 years of radio experience, having worked as a producer and an on-air personality/DJ for both Spanish and English markets. Beto is very involved with the San Diego community. He’s the co-founder of Love Thy Neighbor, an organization that gives back to youth and families in both San
Diego and Tijuana. Being a middle school teacher for 5 years he understands the importance of connecting with the youth of the community.


Board Secretary and Board Member

Mahura Teresa Cano is a specialist in building strong relationships with organizations and individuals. Through more than 17 years of hard work, she has accrued an impressive list of professional and extraordinary experiences.   Born in San Diego, CA, Mahura is a loving, single mother of four outstanding successors: a 26-year-old NAVY member, a 22-year-old, Air Force member, a 15-year-old, high school student, and the young 11-year-old middle school student.

As the 3rd child of a large family, Mahura was raised to have strong family values reflected in everything she does. Her intellectual fortitude, intensity, kindness, and faith are just some of the key qualities that have shaped her relationships to create a positive impact on the people around her. Empowered by overcoming personal obstacles, she has always been a capable, independent, and heartwarming warrior woman!

With great diligence, Mahura attended a local High School in San Diego and was accepted to Mesa College with a 4.7 GPA to study Business Communication, Finance, and English. She also became a certified weight trainer.

Currently, Mahura works as a Director of Quality Control for a company that serves San Diego County. In this role, she has improved the company’s sales and logistics, as well as its internal processes and customer relationships. Additionally, her efforts and innovation made it possible for Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee (MAAC Project), a non-profit organization, to ensure that over 3000 low-income families could return to work during the pandemic. Prior to this role, Mahura was an Operation manager focused on planning, directing, coordinating, and managing tasks aimed at improving productivity and efficiency for achieving customer satisfaction.

On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by an earthquake of 7.3 magnitudes that killed 220,000 people and injured over 300,000. This devastating event was the biggest the country had seen in 200 years, resulting in more than 1.5 million people being homeless and an immense humanitarian crisis. This already severe situation was exasperated by ensuing tropical storms and a cholera outbreak. During this time, Mahura worked for REMEC Defense & Aero Space of the USA and felt a strong need to provide aid to the Haitian people. She worked with her global leadership team to organize company bake sales and generated approx. $15,000 which was donated to the San Diego Red Cross.

Since 2021, Mahura has been an active volunteer with The House of Music. In this role, she has been helping to provide underprivileged youth throughout San Diego with skills in music artistry, ethics, discipline, and teamwork. 

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